20 Wisdoms to Live By

In life, it seems we naturally begin to start living by our own little truths, our wisdoms. Some of us might have more than others, but we have them nonetheless. I’d like to share with you my nuggets of life that I strive to live by each and every day.  If you have your own wisdoms, I’d love to hear them!

1. Be present wherever you are, in whatever you’re doing.

2. If you want to learn to trust someone, you have to start trusting someone.

3. Look forward, never sideways

4. To have great friends, be a great friend.

5. Listening is an art. Master it.

6. Always see with kind eyes. Judgment should be left out.

7. Stay close to who you are and be confident.

8. In order to take care of others, first take care of yourself.

9. When you change your expectation, the word will change.

10. You’re never too old for a slumber party.

11. It’s important to have some sort of faith. It doesn’t have to be a religion or found in a church—just something to believe in.

12. Reduce the noise and simplify your life.

13. Get comfortable with getting uncomfortable.

14. There’s nothing worse than “perfection.”

15. Happiness is a choice.

16. Find your passion. Then, live it, show it and you’ll walk better in this life.

17. Trust your instincts.

18. You get deeper and richer the longer you’re here in this world. Embrace it.

19. It’s not easy to do, but find balance as much as possible. It’ll make you complete.

20. Life is one pretty fun ride, prepare to be inspired.


These 20 thoughts keep me shining day in and day out, helping me live a colorful life. I hope they will for you, too.


  • June 3, 2014


    ME- you are a true inspiration to everyone around you:)

  • June 7, 2014

    Kelly Carey

    All we really owe each other is love… And acceptance. When we judge each other….. It can only make God cry!