12 Reasons to Love November


With the beginning of autumn in September and October and the holiday hoopla in December to end the year, we feel the month of November gets lost in the shuffle. However, we think it’s one of the best months of the year and deserves its due credit. In case you forgot, here are a few reasons to love this in-between month.

1. It’s the best start to any month—Leftover Halloween candy!

2. You don’t have to keep asking yourself if it’s boot season yet. Yes, it’s definitely boot season.

3. Only a few cherished, golden moments remain before the hectic hustle and bustle of the holidays begin.

4. Sweater weather.

5. Thanksgiving—Let’s eat!

6. Cozy socks make their way to the top of the drawer.

7. You can finally wear that stylish wool peacoat you bought last April; half a year just seems too long.

8. Comfy clothes, a warm blanket and good book. Is there a better way to spend an afternoon than cozied up next to the fire?

9. You now have an excuse to eat pie. Lots of pie!

10. Falling leaves can only mean one thing… Rake. Jump. Repeat.

11. You can finally start counting down the days until Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

12.  Fall-ing back an hour because daylight savings time ends. Bring on that extra hour of sleep!


Why do you love November?

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