10 Great Christmas Movies

There’s nothing that puts you in the holiday spirit than cuddling up in a warm blanket with cup of hot cocoa to watch a few great Christmas movies.  We compiled our favorite films that we look forward to watching each year.  From old films to new, here’s our list (in no particular order) of movies to watch this season with your loved ones.



It’s a Wonderful Life        

The ultimate holiday classic that tells the story of George Bailey and how he learns to understand his importance in the world. After wanting to end his life, George gets the help he needs from angel-in-training Clarence Oddbody. An absolute uplifting and warm-hearted favorite!










A White Christmas

This 1954 musical film starring Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney and Vera-Ellen brings the heartfelt, old time holiday to life with singing and dancing in a fun story line.









Love Actually

Ten separate stories about love come together to create a truly romantic and light hearted Christmas film. Taking place in London, this film starts 5 weeks before Christmas and takes you through modern love stories of all kinds.











The Shop Around the Corner

Budapest gift-shop clerk Alfred Kralik (James Stewart) and newly hired shop girl Klara Novak (Margaret Sullavan) have their differences from their first encounter. However, the two characters have no idea that they’ve been writing love letters as pen pals to each other. Soon they figure that they’re each other’s beloved pen pals and fall in love just in time for Christmas. This was the original “You Have Mail” and in our opinion has held up much better through the years.





Meet Me in St. Louis

Although this 1944 musical film takes place over an entire year during the Louisiana’s Worlds Fair in 1904, nothing is more Christmas than Judy Garland singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”










A Christmas Story

It won’t be hard to catch this all-time favorite since it will be playing during the yearly 24-hour marathon on TBS.  Ralphie, the leg lamp, the pink bunny suit, the Bumpusses and the infinite flag pole are make for a hilarious Christmas story you can’t miss.










Miracle on 34th Street

Nothing gets us believing in Santa Claus like this holiday favorite.  It brings back memories from our own Christmases growing up.










National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

We love laughing all the way through this comedic Christmas classic. The Griswold family has one heck of Christmas that can’t be topped.












A  Charlie Brown Christmas

It’s not Christmas unless you watch this cartoon classic. Charlie, Linus and the rest of the Peanut troop warm our heart every year.










Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer

Everyone knows the story of Rudolph, especially the kids. That’s why we love watching this classic story with our children and grandchildren. For us it’s a tradition and the kids love it as much as we did at their age.








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